The text tells us the points of view on the MMA of some people

The text tells us the points of view on the MMA of some people. Previously, MMA was considered as a dangerous and violent sport that was not helpful. Many have changed their minds. Today many parents enroll their children in classes because they find that there are many benefits in practicing this discipline. You can acquire self-control, perseverance, respect, esteem for hard work, self-confidence, honor, patience and become more responsible. Some of them are ready to support their children in their choice of MMA career. There are still speculations about it. Some people say that by practicing this sport, you expose yourself to several injuries and even to concussions brain. They don’t understand how you can put yourself in a position where you could suffer brain damage.
In my opinion, the author is not qualified to write with authority on this particular topic. Paul Hunter is a feature writer for the Toronto Star and a National Newspaper Award winner. He didn’t receive any educational backgrounds about the MMA and also, he has not published previously on this topic. Paul is a sports fan especially hockey that’s why he seemed to be passionate by the MMA.

The text shows us that it is influenced by the personal beliefs of the author. Most of the factors given by him support the idea that MMA is teaching values to children and not the opposite which is violence. When the article mentioned that some people have some doubt about the importance of this discipline, the writer just gave a few reasons of why it was not. He omitted a lot of skeptical information about this sport. So, we can see that he gives us supporting information only about his own stance on the topic.

Also, at the end of the article, the author used extreme statements which have an emotional effect on the readers. He is talking about a mother who is proud of her kids and who will support them if they want to be a professional player in MMA. By using this, the writer has appealed to the target audience in a good way, because the article is aimed at different audiences. It could firstly be aimed at mothers whose children are interested by this sport. Secondly, it could be aimed at young readers who now think that maybe their parents will give them the same support. So, they feel more confident and they are emotionally touching with the article.
The purpose of this text is that the writer is trying to inform readers about the benefits of the MMA not only the disadvantages.