even though the wide use and accessibility of stingless bee honey

even though the wide use and accessibility of stingless bee honey, small is recognized about the amount and action of antioxidants from this honey. Moreover, there is not adequate information on comparative evaluation of antioxidant compounds available in the honey. Therefore, this study was designed to fill the existing knowledge gap. Findings from the study would be beneficial in supplying baseline information about antioxidant and antioxidant capacity of stingless bee honey.
I inspired to conduct this study, when I was a primary school student my grandfather harvested the Stingless bee honey from wild. The Tazma honey from wild stingless bees and used to cure stomach pain, cough and asthma. Even the Tazma wax or the community called it as Tazma zof is commonly used for wound treatment. As a result, I asked myself for a long time, why it is used as medicine to treat different disease than the ordinary honey. The Tazma honey from wild Stingless bee honey collected from September to December. The community used Tazma Honey as a medicine to cure different diseases, mainly for wound curing and the society used as a source of income.