According to Interbrand

According to Interbrand, the ford brand alone was the sixth most valuable brand in the world, worth $36 billion. But in last 10 years, fords positions at the top crumbled. In 2008 Ford’smarket crumbled and share sat at just 14 percent. Revenues had dropped to $ 146 billion and the company lost $ 14.7 Billion the biggest loss in history. Looking back, it’s clear that ford has taken
Ford’s Sync contributes to its competitive advantage because it has made improvements to other technologies that are being used by their competitors. They incorporate Bluetooth, music, navigation, GPS, and voice command all into one device. Many other car companies, such as GM, have OnStar, which is veryconvenient but does not meet all of the needs that Sync does. Therefore, Ford’s development of Sync is giving them a great competitive advantage against their competitors.
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