Pornography in Canada

A summary and critical evaluation of the article “Pornography, Censorship, and Obscenity Law in Canada”by Leo Groarke.

Leo Groarke, in his article “Pornography, Censorship, and Obscenity Law in Canada,” presents an analysis of the issues of censorship, pornography and their co-existence with the principles of free speech and freedom of expression, in Canada and the United States. This analysis explores these issues from a primarily Canadian perspective, beginning with an analysis of the philosophical and theoretical foundations of these issues and extending this to their application in case law and legislation. Within this context, Groarke argues that while proposed legislation in Canada with regard to pornography and freedom of speech are flawed in that they do not take into account the complexities of these issues, it is nonetheless possible to reconcile restrictions on access to pornographic materials while still maintaining the principle of freedom of thought, speech and expression in our society.