Financial Analysis

The Income Statement analysis of the company S.C. TEVI SRL for years 2006,2007,2008
A companys income statement is a record of its earnings or losses for a given period. It shows all of the money a company earned (revenues) and all of the money a company spent (expenses) during this period. It also accounts for the effects of some basic accounting principles such as depreciation.
The income statement is important for investors because its the basic measuring stick of profitability. A company with little or no income has little or no money to pass on to its investors in the form of dividends. If a company continues to record losses for a sustained period, it could go bankrupt. In such a case, both bond and stock investors could lose some or all of their investment. On the other hand, a company that realizes large profits will have more money to pass on to its investors.
Net profit of the company for year 2006=18.829.434
Net profit of the company for year 2007=16.632.605
Net profit of the company for year 2008=6.926.196
Earning before tax=net profit +income tax
Earning before tax for year 2006=18.829.434+3.695.726=22.525.160
Earning before tax for year 2007=16.632.605+3.448.542=20.081.147
Earning before tax for year 2008=6.926.196+2.519.183=9.445.379
Earning before interest and taxes=earning before tax+interest
Earning before interest and taxes for year 2006=22.525.160+1.651.950=24.177.110
Earning before interest and taxes for year 2007=20.081.147+13.738.394=33.819.541
Earning before interest and taxes for year 2008=9.445.379+24.122.334=33.567.713
Earning before interest,taxes,depreciation and amortisation=EBIT+amortisation
EBITDA for year 2006=24.177.110+6.537.101=30.714.211
EBITDA for year 2007=33.819.541+9.723.019=43.542.560
EBITDA for year 2008=33.567.713+13.791.080=47.358.793
Gross Profit on Sales
Gross profit on sales (also called gross margin) is the difference between all the revenue the company earns and the sales of its products minus the cost of what it took to produce them.
Gross Profit on Sales = income from sales of merchandise – Cost of merchandise
Gross profit on sales for year 2006 =
Gross profit on sales for year 2007=97.957.897-59.817.106=38.140.791
Gross profit on sales for year 2008=109.572.834-64.388.965=45.183.869

Value added=gross profit on sales+income from sales of finished goods-raw material expenses
VA for year 2006=29.643.814+95.313.697-74.169.960=50.787.551
VA for year 2007=38.140.791+157.710.432-118.469.724=77.381.499
VA for year 2008=45.572.834+178.381.229-133.289.289=90.664.774
EBE for year 2006=50.787.551+0-13.876.596-685.215=36.225.740
EBE for year 2007=77.381.499+0-24.665.315-1.144.080=51.572.104
EBE for year 2008=90.664.774+0-28.174.119-1.565.850=60.924.805
Operating result=EBE-depreciation
OR for year 2006=36.225.740-6.537.101=29.688.639
OR for year 2007=51.572.104-9.723.019=41.849.085
OR for year 2008=60.924.805-13.791.080=47.133.725
Current result=OR+financial profit/loss
Current result for year 2006=29.688.639+1.935.652=31.624.291
Current result for year 2007=41.849.085+9.907.849=51.756.934
Current result for year 2008=47.133.725+10.795.000=57.928.725
Gross profit=CR+extraordinary profit/loss
Gross profit for year 2006=31.624.291+0=31.624.291
Gross profit for year 2007=51.756.934+0=51.756.934
Gross profit for year2008=57.928.725+0=57.928.725