Women and Power in the Medical Profession

Questions whether women have reached, power, privilege and equal status in the health care industry.

This essay argues that although woman have penetrated into a men’s world, there is little doubt that it remains a man’s world. The paper shows that health care is embedded in a system of social structures and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women. The medical profession is based on an ideology of men?s superiority over women and enforces an essentialist gender division of work. The paper makes use of opinions from a group discussion.
“The authors did an admirable task exploring the exterior and interior barriers women faced in medicine. Division of labor within the home (child-rearing), essentialist notions of women’s roles, sexism, informal networks, prejustice, lack of role models, support, glass ceilings, kept women from reaching positions of power, privilege and status. The writers emphasized women’s influence on professional work. Attitudes have changed and women’s issues are acknowledged and dealt with. Although medicine still has traces of misogyny, especially in surgery, Health Care is beginning to recognize women as a legitimate norm.”