Marcus Garvey

Biography of the life and contributions of Marcus Garvey to the African-American work force.

This paper discusses the ideas and dreams of Marcus Garvey in establishing a equal and unbiased work force. It explains how his controversial ideas were not always readily accepted by the masses and looks at different events in which he was a success and a failure. It discusses how the Garvey ideas of labor negotiation, striking and unions were the basis for other such organizations, but were too radical for their time.
“But the initial enthusiasm did not last and slowly the UNIA bean to lose the initial popularity. The shipping line also soon ran into financial difficulties. Further commercial organizations were started called the African Communities League and Negro Factories Corporation. The schemes of colonization of Africa by he Negroes from America were sought to be bolstered by the appeal to the League of Nations to hand over the colonies in Africa that were seized from the Germans during World War I. His assistants also betrayed him, and there were a number of cases launched against him on the ground that he had used the American mail service to collect money from the people for the schemes. (Marcus Garvey)”