Haleem GrilloProfessor Hinds English 1153 October 16

Haleem GrilloProfessor Hinds
English 1153
October 16, 2017
The weather of New York in in the eighteenth and nineteenth century was intense. How can they be so warm during the times of winter and still remain cool during summer? Winter is cold naturally and they become warm because of the clothes either knitted of store bought for them, they boil excessive amounts of water to remain cool while during the winter the keep blocks of ice in hay in a store (Wilder, 65). The weather patterns could be so unpredictable during winter because it could be so cold it could lead to a snow storm.
During winter it is always cold and the temperature never rises up to zero degrees. It is always below zero to negative twenty degrees most times. Sometimes the snow could stop the whole city with a large thirty feet long of snow making no one being able to go out because of the snow (Wikipedia). In the farmer boy, the weather there is intense to a matter of bathing only once a week and ice is gathered from outside to be boiled into hot water (Wilder). With the weather now in these days, people have heaters and a fireplace to warm their self-up rather than the old days where they only had a fire place to be warmed and to get firewood in the winter was hard. The weather could also reduce to negative twenty five degrees at worst times. It is known to be cold during that period from December till early April and that is a long time. The Wilder family lived out of town, so they really didn’t know what was happening but it was colder in their place and they had to adjust to their living. The whole country was also cold by that period of time but New York is one of the states which get cold the longest and the earliest.
During the spring season, the environment freshens up and clouds begin to clear but it was still raining much because of the atmosphere