Ancient Religions: A Dialogue

A fictional dialogue between various ancient gods and leaders.

This paper presents a dialogue narration of various ancient gods and leaders including Allah, Jehovah, Zeus and Zarathustra, who are arguing the purpose of life and how it relates to human behavior. The paper notes that this is a piece of fiction meant only for academic purposes and to prove an argument; no offence to any religion or God is intended.
“Buddha: (sighs and looks below sipping tea) This world really is going to the dogs. I mean I do believe that all beings repeatedly experience pain and loss as they pass through innumerable lives, never able to emerge from a conditioned existence created through their own consciousness, but this whole thing is getting rather out of control.
“Confucius: Heh. And what makes me sad is that none of this would be happening were people to listen to what I had to say. In the world also my very last words were regrets that none among the rulers then living possessed the sagacity or common sense requisite to a proper appreciation of my basic ethical philosophy and teachings. (Sighs deeply) Would the world be such a boiling cauldron of hate were all men striving to be good citizens, good fathers, good mothers, good children and good friends? No. It’s all about ethics I tell you. Ethics and living life like a perfect gentleman [Dawson, 01-01-1992].”