With a young person is the same as a child but

With a young person is the same as a child but, in this stage, they start thinking they know everything and do not need any help from adults. We would need to have a different strategy in order to deal with disagreements. This age group are strong willed and most will have their own views and ideas. They are more independent and have their individual personalities hence will clash more. They should be encouraged to discuss the issue and come to a mutual agreement. Learning to accept others views and opinions and to respect this. We should give young people the opportunity to resolve issues themselves and intervene only when needed.

When disagreeing with another adult, we need to try and remain calm and polite, listening carefully and respecting the other adult’s point of view. If we need to have a discussion we should go to a private space. We can always seek another adult to mediate if we cannot agree. If in a work environment, like in a school, we need to make sure that the children are not aware of what is happening. We always need to remember that we should respect others as we want to be respected.