Why do I want this role

Why do I want this role, you ask? Well, there’s a simple answer to that. Ever since I had the experience of being an Indigenous Captain in my Primary School, many of my qualities blossomed, such as my public speaking, confidence levels, and most importantly, my insecurities decreased as my pride of being Indigenous increased. I admit to the fact that before I had the experience of being an Indigenous captain in 2016, I never really cared for my Indigenous heritage. But, when I was nominated and selected for the role of Indigenous Captain two years ago, I learnt more about my own Indigenous heritage. Something about acknowledging my elders past, present, and future, in front of so many people, made me feel pride in my Indigenous blood; something I wish to recuperate. It made me feel more connected to the land of Australia than I’ve ever been before, and it even made me want to learn about my Indigenous blood. Before I did not care for that fact I was Aboriginal, but now, I am proud to identify as a traditional owner of the land. I hope to regain the position of Indigenous Leader, even if only for a year.