When things have commenced are they able to come to a halt

When things have commenced are they able to come to a halt? Many people in this world wonder
If racism will ever stop. According to the “Historical Timeline of Racism in Canada,”
(http://www.accesstomedia.org/change/resources/timeline.pdf) racism began in 1698 and has been
going on ever since then. Many people presume that racism has existed since people have started to notice
differences between themselves and others around them. One may not know the meaning of racism
because it means something different to each and every individual. For example the more common
definition would be judging someone based on the color of one’s skin or religion. In Canada racism has
taken an immense change.

Bharati Mukherjee is a professor of creative writing, in the United States of America, who had
“not met an Indian in Canada who has not suffered the humiliations of being overlooked (in jobs, in
queues, in deserved recognition) and from being singled out (in hotels, department stores, on the streets,
and at customs.” (Mukherjee, Bharati “An Invisible Women.”) In a department store an employee was
racist towards a customer based on the customers skin color, and singled the customer out. The customer
paid for the items, collected the bags and was about to leave the store when the blaring siren went off.
Immediately the customer came to a stop and turned around. There, waiting, the cashier stood and asked
the customer to walk through the detectors again. Once again the screeching noise erupted. The shopper
could feel others pausing to watch the commotion as their eyes filled with excitement. Then the bags
were snatched out of the customers grasp and the customer was asked to walk through the detectors
without the …

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…way because they will
later on be the ones in charge. Just by doing little things or making posters on the bad things about racism
can help make a difference.

In conclusion, racism is a growing and controversial issue. Basically it is judging someone
based on ones appearance, religion, or beliefs; which is definitely wrong and an act of discrimination.
Due to racism individuals have faced “up-front violence, the physical assaults, the spitting, and the
name calling.” (Mukherjee, Bharati “An Invisible Women.”) In Canada there are many positive things
that have been done and are being done to end racism, such as the UER. Individuals need to stop being
racist, and learn to accept one another. Racism does exist and it does scar people, even if people are
different from us we are all one and must treat each other equally or as one wishes to be treated.