Urban Sociology

A review of the article, “The Economics of the Criminal Behavior of Young Adults”, by Mark Gius.

This paper provides an analysis of “The Economics of the Criminal Behavior of Young Adults” by Mark Gius, which states that young African-American individuals are more likely to indulge in crime when they are unemployed, lack adult guidance, have peer pressure, and no direction for ameliorating their lives economically and socially. It explores how there is need for better wages for members of the African-American community who can get jobs. It also states that there is a need to provide or create jobs for African-American youth, even if they have criminal records, to enable them to improve their lives and not waste themselves away by causing chaos in society.
“Law enforcement like other institutions in the society plays a role in maintaining the economic situations of the African American youth. Individuals who do not manage to stay out of trouble are arrested and sentenced according to their individual crime (s). With this action, individuals are released after their sentences as demoralized individuals who cannot find themselves jobs. This is because of the fact that they have reached a stage at which social relations of theirs have deteriorated further, and most people who are aware that they have criminal records would not hire them.”