Alcoholics Anonymous

A description of the support group Alcoholics Anonymous, for those with drinking problems.

This paper provides an insight into Alcoholics Anonymous, an international organization that was formed to help out individuals who have had drinking problems. It discusses how it is an example of a non-profit, non-professional organization, basically an organization that was formed to serve as a medium for individuals and people to have a ?helping hand. It describes its infamous Recovery Program and the Twelve Steps and examines how its success stems not from the organization, but from its members, who contribute their efforts in helping out troubled people deal with their dilemmas and difficulties.
“AA’s programs are effective because of two important factors that all humans need in order to properly psyche themselves up in trying to absolve and give up drinking alcohol. One is the non- professional environment that the organization gives to its members. The lack of hierarchy within the organization, that is, there is no leaders in each group; responsibility of leadership is found and tasked in every member. Instead of a hierarchy, wherein members are found at the bottom of the spectrum and leaders at the highest spectrum, the AA organization is radially- structured, meaning, there are no leaders in it, but the members are distributed and the circle gets larger as more and more people join or get involved with the organization’s programs.”