United States’ Involvement in the Russia/Chechnya War

This research paper is about the Russian/Chechynan War and the United States’ involvement as a mediator.

This paper looks at the background to U.S. involvement in the war and analyzes various factors. These include the high fatality rate incurred in the war, international reaction of the world community to the conflict, the strategic importance of Chechnya to the Russians, the politics of oil as it relates to the war and a history of U.S. policy towards Russia. The paper also focuses on the current U.S. policy towards Russia and specifically towards Chechnya.
`At the start of the second Russian invasion into Chechnya in 1999, Russia claimed that it was going into Chechnya in order to root out the bandits that were hiding in the Chechen mountains and bring them to justice for carrying out terrorist activities in Russia. In the long run however, it has become clear that Russia was planning to take vengeance for its humiliating defeat at the hands of the Chechen rebels in the previous phase of its attack on Chechnya three years back.(11) Russia has presented its attack on Chechnya as an attack on terrorists and as an effort to prevent Chechnya from breaking away from the federation. The fighting that is taking place is the worse since the 1994 -1996 civil war with Chechnya .`