The Lady Feeding the Flame

An examination of the character of Lady Capulet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

This paper explains how Lady Capulet is a loving mother and wife who changes into an impatient, vengeful, and confused woman. It shows how Shakespeare proves himself a master of his characters by performing such a transformation in so few lines.
Shakespeare first introduces us to Lady Capulet when her husband is entering into a dispute with Montague and calls for his sword. She questions his asking for a sword and to the reader is the sensible balance that Capulet needs. What is unknown to the reader is the true Lady Capulet that lies behind the caring facade is an inpatient, vengeful woman. Through her facade, the reader is led into a trap where one feels sympathy for Lady Capulet. However, once the true character is revealed, it becomes apparent that she deserves each thing that occurs to her.