U.S. Military Conduct

Looks at how soldiers in the U.S. Army are supposed to conduct and present themselves.

This paper describes the type of bearing, discipline, and tact expected of soldiers in the U.S. Army. The significance to the Army of each aspect of personal conduct is also discussed.
“Military bearing is an obligation of conduct in the U.S. army whereby dignity is maintained in military relationships, reflective of an individual’s pride in his military service and of the organization he represents. Military personnel should be courteous and controlled to show dignity and respect. Part of possessing dignity is also having the ability to respect his juniors and seniors, and acknowledge the dignity of others. This sense of pride in military service is shown during work as well as when on liberty, carrying himself at all times with reverence and a proper sense of self-worth. By admiring his seniors, the individual can be guided in presenting good conduct, and can likewise demonstrate his pride and decorum to those who in turn look to him for guidance in presenting military bearing. Dignity and respect can be taught, and examples can be shown, but the willingness to present military bearing also comes from within, especially when showing courtesy and respect toward others.”