Title VII Compliance for Business

An examination of Title VII law in the business world, which is intended to eradicate discrimination in human resources and employment policies.

This paper begins by providing a background and definition of Title VII. It then briefly discusses the impact of Title VII in the workplace and further looks at who is covered and not covered under the law. It concludes with an explanation of policies that companies should have in place to avoid Title VII violations.
“On a less easy to define level, a company can also ensure compliance with Title IIV by treating the law with an attitude of respect, by not tolerating jokes in its company materials that fosters discrimination against any groups, even those groups not protected by Title IIV, such as gays and lesbians, or even illegal immigrants. As the law is always in flux, and what is considered intolerant is often quite subjective, it is better for a company to err on the side of being tolerant to the lifestyles and cultures of all its employees, than insisting upon a particular company attitude that smothers, rather than fosters diversity.”