The World of Robert Frost

An examination of the literary style and message of the poet, Robert Frost.

This paper discusses how Robert Frost is often described as a poet of nature and how the words and phrases that describe the pleasant New England countryside, are all-important elements of Frost’s work. It looks at how, beneath the apparent simplicity of Frost’s writings, lurks a hidden commentary on both the nature of personality and the social state of society and how Frost brings to light the darker side of humanity in a subtle way. It also shows how Frost’s poetry acts as a metaphor for life. Upon first glance, things look nice and orderly, but once the veil has been lifted, the darker side becomes more apparent.
The Road Not Taken is yet another example of one of Frost’s poems that can be read from two sides. On the surface it is a poem about a walk in the woods, but it takes on a much more great significance with the line ‘ somewhere ages and ages hence’ (Robert Frost). It is one’s past, present and the attitude with which one looks upon his future that determines the shade of the light that he or she will see the poem in. This poem clearly demonstrates Frost’s belief that it is the road that one chooses that makes him the man who he is. And sorry I could not travel both (776).It is always difficult to make a decision because it is impossible not to wonder about the opportunity cost, what will be missed out on.”