Successful Negotiating

This paper discusses the essential elements of job negotiation. It is written by a human resources manager, in the form of a guide to successfully handling a job offer.

The paper begins by listing the five main points of successful negotiating, mentioning characteristics of a successful negotiator and listing some approaches that the negotiator should take. The paper divides up issues to be discussed in an interview into four parts. Planning strategy is stated and the initial plan for negotiation is explained. The paper then looks at basic preparation for negotiating the job offer information to be collected, questions to prepare and negotiation style. The paper concludes with a reiteration of a good negotiator’s attributes and characteristics.
This paper is based on Job offer negotiation that is the central topic of the paper. I am an employee in Joe Tech and Routers Company. My status here is a Human Resource manager. I have the responsibility to handle the issues related human resources. I will describe my point of views on the topic of job negotiation. The rest depends on the higher authorities to accept my proposals or to decline my proposals.