The United States-Canadian Border

Examines the changes that have taken place along the U.S. and Canadian border since 9/11.

This research attempts to analyze the real circumstances of change in the border between the U.S. and Canada since September 11th. The paper answers several questions associated with the potential or real changes between pre-September 11th and post-September 11th border-crossing and security.
“Prior to terrorism as the main focus upon which our borders, and really all entrance points into the US were protected was based solely on issues of illegal immigration and contraband, illegal drugs and the like. (Cornelius, 2001, pg. 661-680) (Dunn, 2001, pg. 7-18) In fact looking at a relatively brief literature review on the issues of border security, prior to September 11th it is evident that the word and concept of terrorism rarely if ever even enters the researcher’s agenda, (Nevins, 2001, pg. 136) and when it does the questions possible losses of civil liberties seems to be the most pressing.”