The Examined Life

A review of Robert Nozick’s book, The Examined Life, focusing on the idea of God.

This paper analyzes the book, The Examined Life by Robert Nozick, emphasizing one of the chapters which deal with a major philosophical issue – the nature of God. The paper outlines the philosophical discussion of belief in God being due to faith or scientific explanations. The ideas of Descartes are presented in the paper.
Robert Nozick in his book The Examined Life considers in one chapter The Nature of God, the Nature of Faith, a major philosophical issue that has been addressed through history by many philosophers. Nozick himself cites Descartes in his introduction and then develops the idea of God, considers how that conception was formed, why it persists, and how it has been tested and might be tested. We know that millions of people believe in God, and we might simply accept that this is so or even accept that God is real, which is why people believe in Him. The philosopher, however, wants to know whether God does or does not exist and in any case why people have faith in the idea of God.