The Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney

This paper assess the role of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, which is the largest local prosecuting agency in the nation.

This paper explains that the District Attorney for Los Angeles County, an elected official whose term runs for four years, is a non-partisan lawyer who works for the people of the county, which covers 78 cities and over 4,000 square miles. The author points out that a staff of about 2,200 people in nine offices located throughout the county handles over 60,000 felonies and 200,000 misdemeanors per year by working closely with local officials and police departments to prosecute criminals. The paper relates that the District Attorney’s office is organized to handle a variety of crimes, including crimes of violence, crimes of hate, fraud, and corruption; its goal is to prosecute the criminal and insure justice for the victim.
“The Community Prosecution Division provides the ability for police, members of the community and other local officials to create strategies for dealing with gang violence, crime prevention, truancy, drugs and other quality of life issues that affect the community. It is an opportunity for the District Attorney’s office and the community to work synergistically to overcome a broad spectrum of problems. In addition, the Bureau of Crime Prevention works with young people to help them avoid a life of crime by developing skills and talents that will help them succeed in life.”