Female Genital Mutilation

This paper explores the practice of female genital mutilation and explains the writer’s support of the eradication of the practice.

This paper focuses on the topic of female genital mutilation. It begins with a background look at the different types of FGC and at the motivations behind this practice. It explains why the practice is degrading to women and looks at how common the practice is. The paper concludes with a projection for the future and details why FGC should be outlawed worldwide.
As the world continues to globalize cultures are coming together and sharing traditions and values. Many of the traditions being shared have a positive impact on the cultures that they touch, but there are other cultural traditions that shock outsiders worldwide. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in several parts of the world. The practice of female genital mutilation should be outlawed, because it is degrading to all women whether or not they personally participate in it.