The Nurse as Patient Advocate

Discusses what is the role of the professional nurse in health care delivery.

This paper looks into the phenomenon of a nurse’s conflict when faced with the decision whether to follow a doctor’s orders and in doing so, to go against the best interest of the patient. It discusses that nurses are often faced with dilemmas of whether or not to act for their establishment or the patient.
“Persons who choose nursing as a profession do so because they have a deep sense that they want to help others. Most do not do it because of pay incentives. Those who choose nursing for that reason are soon disillusioned by the long hours, physical and mental fatigue that go along with it. People choose nursing because they have a need to help those in need. When they become nurses however, the role that they play is often defined by a large, bureaucratic system and they sometimes find that they must choose between their sense of doing what is right for the patient and conforming to the rules of the system.”