Time Orientation for Success

Different time orientations people possess and how those who are future-oriented tend to be more successful.

This paper makes the assertion that that future-oriented people are more successful at work as compared to present-oriented people. The paper contends that present-oriented people think of the present and, therefore, leave work for the last possible minute, while future-oriented people are more likely to get work done earlier due to being oriented to the future. The paper goes on to show how a person’s orientation to time is fundamentally related to motivation and that those who are future-oriented have a stronger achievement motivation.
Motivation is seen to be the degree to which an individual wants and chooses to behave in certain ways at a given time and place. The motivation for getting out of bed might be the need to make a living, or to provide food and shelter for oneself. Or it could be the individual receives a great deal of satisfaction from the social interaction of a work environment. Many people are gratified and motivated by the sense of accomplishment their work, school or family experiences provide.