The Modern Publisher

Examines the trend of Internet publishing and its advantages.

This paper looks at the option available to a small business publishing company which can use the internet to its advantage. It compares traditional publishing companies to digital companies, examining the pros and cons of each one’s method. The paper presents internet option available to the digital publisher which makes the process much simpler.
Obviously, a digital publisher has to have their own web site. In addition, they will also include advertising in online publications and on popular web-sites. The ads can take many forms but should always include a link back to the publisher’s own web site. Such ads can and should be personalized towards the audience of the particular publication or web site. A more personal approach is to use email. Established publishers will want to use their client list. Newer and smaller publishers may need to augment their own lists by purchasing lists from other sources. These sources can include everything from opt-in subscription lists to email addresses harvested from a variety of sources.