The Malaysian Constitution is a collective and measurable guideline to regulate the administration of a country

The Malaysian Constitution is a collective and measurable guideline to regulate the administration of a country. The constitutional guarantees are based on the policy of making laws, to govern the government in this country fairly and efficiently. In addition, the constitutional guidelines will also provide fundamental freedoms, rights, responsibilities for parties within the government, citizenship, finance, judiciary, general elections and powers and responsibilities to delegate to parties between government and state governments.

Background of the Constitution of Malaya
The Malaysian Constitution was the basis and beginning of the Federal Constitution of Malaya towards Independence of Malaya formed on 16 September 1963. From the background of the 1948 Constitution of the Federation of Malaya replaced by the Reid Commission 1956, which was formulated to the new constitution for the dissolution of the Malayan Union. Let us look at the change of measures for the evolution of the Malaysian Constitution.

Back in the few years before the independence there were some changes that led to the formation of legitimate sources of law to apply for a democratic state free from the defeat of the Second World War and surrendered from 1945. From the time of Japanese surrender and until the British returned to Malaya and provided opportunities to the Communist Party of Malaya (MCP) to the government in Malaya. MCP can only control Malayan for 14 days because of the chaos and problems created by members. In September 1945, the British returned to Malaya and helped restore peace by establishing the British Military Administration (BMA) to rule the army of chaos but they were aware of the failure, the British had made a decided decision,

Another new administrative system of the Malayan Union. The British parliament presented a white paper created by the new administrative system in Malaya, on 10 October 1945 called the Malayan Union.

In the proposal of the Malayan Union, there are states of the Federation such as Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Pahang, and so forth which are not allied as specified in Penang, Melaka Kelantan, Kedah, Terrengganu, Johor and Perlis. ( The main reason for the Malayan Union is to protect the British economy for Malaya is under a government system to standardize the administration. This system of administration is to reduce administrative costs for the Malay states. Through this system, it indicates that British officials were hatred by the Malayan Union and had opposed the Malays to get Japanese support for their Occupation in Malaya. Therefore, they are grateful to MPAJA against Japan.