The Influences in My Life Everyone has major events that have shaped their lifetime in one way or another

The Influences in My Life
Everyone has major events that have shaped their lifetime in one way or another. Whether they are positive or negative, they have changed their life forever. Some events are unplanned and out of control, and some are not just one event, but they have forced one to become more mature. When I review my life to see who I am and what I have achieved, the first thing comes to my mind are the contributing factors that have created my personality and made me the person I am today. The most Three important influences are my family, my friend, and my society.

My family has the important influence role to shape my personality and identity. They tried to provide a calm and quiet environment to teach me peace and tranquillity. They made me a person having ample confidence. My father has a bigger role in my life. When I was the elementary fourth grade, I did not study and got some zero. My friend hid my mark’s folder. One day she returned my folder due to an unpleasant discussion, and my father got it. He punished me while advising me. My father encouraged me to try more and assist me in my assignments. The day after day, I improved and got more self-confidence. As a result, I became the first pupil of the school.

Furthermore, friends play important roles in people’s lives. I have a close friend who we have been the friend from elementary school has influenced me in my life. When I was not accepted to a university, I was incarcerated in my room and did not talk to anyone. I was very upset and angry. My friend heard about my situation and came to my house. She talked to me very much and gave me morality. She insisted to go out, have a fun, and tried to change my mood. Every day she came and we studied together. Her effort caused I pass the university’s exam. She has a big role in my life.

Additionally, society and the environment has influenced me enormously. The society in which I have grown up is multicultural; therefore, I have seen and interacted with people with a huge variety in terms opinion and belief. In this situation, I could learn how to follow my principles as well as respect others’ ideas. It is why I am able to tolerate and cope with opposite ideas easily.

To wrap it up, there are three major factors that have shaped my personality. At first, my family and especially, my father protect and help me to be a better person with hard effort. Then, my friend helped me to find myself better. Finally, the environment and society made a big difference in my life. Each one has had its particular effects on my character.