aint-Petersburg is a beautiful cultural capital of Russia

aint-Petersburg is a beautiful cultural capital of Russia, however the environmental situation there is only getting worse. This city was built from scratch and has a lot of different canals, reservoirs, lakes and rivers. All of them are now suffering from the water pollution. If you walk down the streets in the city centre you can see dirty water, trash and bottles on the ground. One of the most significant differences is that there are not too many trees outside. In some areas even grass is not growing anymore. The level of air pollution is also rather high. The reason behind that is the number of cars using gas and factories which don’t recycle their waste. Sometimes you can smell this nasty scent. This historical city is fascinating but with all new buildings it will soon look more like stone jungle. People can make the difference and for that they need to be more cautious. Citizens should appreciate their hometown and take good care of it.