The Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This paper discusses operations management in the hospitality and tourism industry essay writer canada.

This paper defines operations management as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products and services; the tourism or hospitality industry utilizes operations management techniques to increase efficiency. The author points out that operations management has become important in the hospitality industry because organizations in this sector are largely dependent on per-unit cost incurred and the resultant profit margins. The paper states that operations strategies may include reengineering processes, integration of better equipments, installation of electronic means of operations, enterprise resource plans, or simply revising the organizational operations strategy, such as supply chain management.
A survey of the work environment at the different hotels indicate that operations constitute of management of occupancy; assessment of profitability based on current client traffic as well as from future traffic; it is about the management of the inventory through controlled monitoring; but most importantly it is about the management of the staffs who make the whole service process possible. Thus operations management in the hospitality industry put more emphasis on the relationship of the staff with the management and the clients. The correlation between is high as they are the variable that ultimately lead them to the achievement of organizational objectives.