Brazilian and Egyptian Music

An analyisis of the similarities and differences between traditional Brazilian and Egyptian music essay writer account.

This paper compares Brazilian and Egyptian music. A brief history of the two cultures illustrates the development of their music. The paper outlines the primarily European influence on Egyptian music, and the African and European influences on Brazilian music. The Portugeuse influences on early Brazilian music is also discussed. The paper contrasts Brazilian and Egyptian music through their use of instruments, theory, and artists. A brief overview of the development of modern Egyptian and Brazilian music is presented in the paper.
“Traditional Brazilian and Egyptian culture date back centuries, even millennia when considering Egypt’s rich past. Many aspects of their cultures such as dress, language, and government have changed and evolved from their genesis. Two major elements of both these cultures that have been a major part of life are the music and dance. Yet, despite their deep native roots, Brazilian and Egyptian music and dance have been greatly influenced by European and African cultures, thereby creating the blend of today’s modern styles.”