The Historical Aspect of Election 2002

This paper discusses how the battle for House and Senate left both Republicans and Democrats alike exhausted after the political battle that ensued as a result of Election 2002.

The battle for control over the House and Senate made historic the quest for Election 2002; not only were incumbents losing to newcomers, but a longtime respected name throughout the political world was defeated in what many believed to be one of the most shocking outcomes of the entire race. The buzz around the nation reflected a potential change in the House and Senate that would cause historians to rewrite the outcome expected to take place prior to fourteen months ago. Indeed, the extent to which September 11th played a significant role in this tremendous political upheaval has more than just a few wondering what such a change will now mean for the nation’s safety.
The election of 2002 stood for more than America’s basic right to choose its varied political representatives; rather, it reflected a significant change in the overall governmental fabric that comprises the nation’s people. That both the House and the Senate were caught in the midst of an unprecedented struggle between Republican and Democratic designation speaks volumes regarding the modified political landscape United States citizens have recently adopted.