A biographical analysis of Cleopatra.

This paper analyzes the life of one of the most famous rulers in history, Cleopatra. Specifically, it includes important facts of Cleopatra’s life and her contribution to civilization. It shows how Cleopatra was one of the most legendary queens in history. She influenced Egypt’s civilization in many ways and is still studied today, a testament to her lasting endurance as a monarch and celebrity.
“Cleopatra has been immortalized in film, on stage, and in print as a great woman ruler and lover. However, the truth of her story is far different than most of what is portrayed in fiction. Modern readers seem to think of Cleopatra as a sultry temptress, who ruled according to her whims, rather than her wit. However, many historians find this is not the case. John, Bishop of Nikiu in Upper Egypt in the 7th century AD called her “‘the most illustrious and wise of women'” (Walker 6). Cleopatra’s rule in Egypt would be the last of the famous Ptolemies, and her rule would mark historic changes in Egypt’s and the world’s history.”