The Ethics of Telemarketing

A look at the ethics of telemarketing in the business world.

Telemarketing is a paradox: it is one of the world’s fastest growing industries; yet, at the same time, no one seems to like it. One must ask the questions of whether it is the process of telemarketing itself that is the problem, or whether there is a problem at all; or if it the techniques that telemarketers use and the times at which they call that are unconscionable? These questions can only be answered by looking to the rights of the various stakeholders involved. Through this type of analysis, answers to the above question can gain substance. Further, it helps to conceptualize the even more difficult question of whether or not telemarketing is ethical? If it is, then it is a nuisance that we will have to live with. But if not, should the government intervene to ensure that certain standards are met, or should they abolish telemarketing outright? These issues and questions form the crux of this paper.