The American Revolution

An insight into the American Revolution which was fought from 1775 to 1783.

This paper examines the factors leading up to the American Revolution and the eventual signing of The Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It shows how the American Revolution gave the people the rights of citizenship and balanced their sense of freedom and equality as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. It also discusses how it was the start of “democratization of war,” which allowed the concept of the nation to be more liberal and less prone to absolute forms of power by the government.
“The economic and social state of the American colonies was in doldrums and the people needed a way to improve the situation, however, the British rulers were so involved with their skirmishes with the French that they virtually ignored the colonial situation and only went there to collect taxes and reinforcements when needed. The French and Indian War had proven expensive for England and as usual it turned to the colonies to replenish its losses. Higher taxes were imposed, stricter laws were mandated and colonial trade was allowed only through the ships from England. Such restrictions only served to worsen the life of the colonialists who could not afford to house, quarter and feed the British soldiers and horses and pay taxes. The colonialists resolved that the premises of their Monarch were illegal and serving to aggravate an already impossible situation and so took action.”