The Effects of Sleep on the Human Brain

This paper gives a detailed report on the effects of sleep on the human brain. It uses significant research to show what exactly happens with and without sleep.

This paper includes an introduction, a description of sleep, and how it works on the human brain. It also discusses the short-term effects of sleep, long-term effects of sleep and provides a conclusion. This essay also includes internal documentation with a bibliography/works cited page.
“Many people would agree that the brain is probably one of the most complex and fundamental structures in the human body. It is also obvious that many factors and environments in the world can affect the human brain in both positive and negative ways. One of these key factors, is sleep. Sleep affects the brain’s ability to function and does so in a particular way. Sleep, or the lack thereof, can also affect the brain in various positive and negative aspects throughout short-term and also long-term periods of time.”