Sex and the Single Bloodsucker

An examination of vampirism and sexuality in the cinema.

An examination of the underlying theme of sexuality and sensuality in Vampire movies in American and European cinema. Looks at the historical use of vampires as well as how their portrayal has changed over the years. Older movies are compared to more modern ones. The paper also shows the different depiction of vampires in Hollywood films and in European films.
“It has often been stated that if horror films could be considered to have a reigning king, that position would without a doubt go to Count Dracula. While in recent years this position may have been challenged by a new succession of ax welding, hockey masked psychopaths among others, when the entire history is examined, the Prince of Darkness still reigns supreme. It is not surprising that vampires are such a popular source of modern entertainment; they have been in legends, folklore and myths for centuries (1). All that has really happened is that they have made the move to the most widely recognized form of story telling in our culture, cinema. If vampires as a whole entertainment then Bram Stoker’s fictional creation Dracula, who serves as their self appointed monarch, is by far the most recognized and popular of the assemblage.”