The Effects of Divorce on Children

An overview of the emotional effects of divorce on children.

While a divorce may be devastating or relieving to a couple, children are frightened and confused by the terrible threat to their security. This paper explains, however, that if a child feels secure and loved throughout the divorce, he or she may not be harmed by the divorce at all. Reflecting on these concerns, this paper determine the effects of divorce on children.
“For centuries, the family has an essential institution, evolving from humans’ co-dependent tendencies and need for nurturing relationships (Snowdon, 2000). The family unit lays the foundation for an individuals future, having the power to influence either positively or negatively. An important part of human development and relationships, family can provide a loving and nurturing environment. However, when the family is disrupted, it can have a negative effect on the individual’s self-esteem and method of relating to others. In this light, the family is a major determining factor in the outcome of a person’s success and happiness in life.”