The Computer Revolution

Examining the positive influence that the computer revolution has had on society.

Shows how the benefits and advantages of the computer revolution and internet technology far outweighs any negative factors. Examines how this has benefited society in the home, workplace, socially, culturally and scientifically. Factors listed are the availability of information, enhanced communication, availability of resources and support and accessible services.
“There is no doubt that technology has become a major part of society. People communicate, work and shop over the Internet, while businesses use the Internet and information technology to run their organizations. The computer revolution has led to an environment where the Internet is central to society and to almost all members of society. This environment has a major impact on society. There are often issues raised about the problems the Internet causes, such as the storage and use of people’s personal information, the various Internet crimes that can be committed, and the easy access all individuals have to things like pornography. While these things may be concerning, it is an error to think that the problems the computer revolution brings are not worth the benefits. The benefits of the computer revolution on society as a whole are considerable. These benefits include that information is widely available to everyone, that communication is enhanced, that resources and support are available for all individuals and that the Internet makes many services accessible. Each of these areas will now be considered.”