Theme of Creation in the Bible

An analysis of the old and new views on the theme of creation in the Bible.

The paper traces the theme of creation through the Old and New Testament of the Bible and outlines how the teachings on this topic are being used today. The paper shows how it clear that the theme of Creation was meant to direct man towards salvation. The paper asserts that whether one belongs to the Jewish community or to a Christian one, the purpose is not to dispute with each other but to interpret these themes to create a prosperous sinless life for oneself.
“According to the Old Testament, the Initial Act of Creation (1:1-1:2) outlines five elements that complete the process of creation. For instance the placement of time with “In the beginning… ” [Genesis 1:1] with the emphasis on the existence of God is quite clear. Furthermore, in the Jewish interpretation of the Theme of Creation God is known by a different generic name “Elohim”. The identification of God with such a name gives hi the power and provides creative aspects of God. When the issue of Adam and Eve came, this identification justified the Act of Creation (“created”, “heavens and the earth”) . The Jews of the Old Testament did not start or even have the physical world of universe. Hence, the implementation of heavens and earth were basically the initial stages of metaphysical conceptualization of God.”