The Clouds by Aristophanes

An analysis of the play dealing with new educational ideas in vogue during Aristophanes lifetime in Athens.

The paper asserts that the play shows how different groups holding power in Athenian society gain power and status for themselves by promoting various educational programs that favored them. The author asserts that modern-day education is also used as a political tool. The paper explains that a satirical play was regarded as highly in Athenian society as a tragic play was and it gives a background of the period in which Aristophanes wrote the play. The paper reveals that he was concerned with the rise of the Sophist movement and the effect of this movement on educational ideals.
“The Sophists ” we derive from the name of their movement the critical English term “sophistry” ” were interested in the use of argument for its own sake, fascinated by the rhetorical ability to split hairs regardless of the reality behind the argument. Aristophanes was suspicious of such men, perhaps hearing in their stance a justification for the rhetorically pretty and compelling ” but dangerous ” warmongering of Athenian leaders.”