Leadership in Management

A look at the leadership skills required to be a successful manager.

This paper discusses how leadership is a key aspect of any manager’s job and how all managers must posses some sort of leadership ability in order to be remotely effective in dealing with employees and customers. It looks at how a manager must have many good leadership qualities in order to be an effective manager and how managers must be able to use their expert and referent power to their advantage to get employees’ to adhere to their advice.

Qualities of a Leader
Powers of a Leader
Styles of Leadership
Development Levels
Using Leadership Style With Development Level
“A leader has several types of power at their disposal within the organization and power within themselves. “Power can be seen as power with rather than power over, and it can be used for competence and cooperation, rather than dominance and control” Anne L. Barstow. The first being reward power or the ability to provide rewards for a job well done. The next is coercive power or the ability to punish for an unacceptable performance. The last type of power that a leader has with in an organization is legitimate power or their actual position that gives them the right to have authority. A leaders degree of power in the organization is given with the status of his position. A manager will use these powers at different times depending on the details of the situation.”