Teen Pregnancy in the United States

An in-depth look at the social problems relating to adolescent pregnancies in America today.

Adolescent pregnancy has long been a societal concern, but in the past decade, this issue has become one of the most frequently cited examples of the perceived societal decay in the United States. This paper shows that, despite the recent decline in teen birth rates, pregnancy in this group remains a significant problem in America, and it is a problem that impacts nearly every community. The paper argues that the responsibility to solve this problem lies with all of us, including families, communities, and young people themselves. The paper includes a graph.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Problem of Teen Pregnancy
Teen Pregnancy and Risk Factors
Economics, Poverty, Social Issues and Teen Pregnancy
Media and Teen Pregnancy
Adolescent Birth Rates
Perspectives: Conservative, Centrist and Liberals

“The younger the teenage mother is, the higher the chances are that she and her baby will have health problems. This is mainly due to late prenatal care (if any) and poor nutrition. (21) An adolescent mother and her baby may not get enough nutrients and, because the mother’s body is not fully mature, she may have many complications throughout the duration of the pregnancy. (22) Along with the mother, the children of teenage parents too often become part of a cycle of poor health, school failure, and poverty.”