Ally McBeal

This paper analyzes, based on the theories of Sigmund Freud and Karen Horey, the TV character “Ally McBeal”, from the Fox comedy series of the same name.

This paper discusses the character Ally McBeal and the plot of the show pointing out some unusual behaviors such as hallucinating. The author states that, according to Freud, McBeal’s character is suffering from suppressed memories, and the need for sex and marriage is in her unconscious. The author states that according to Karen Horney, McBeal’s character depicts a prenatal stage.
“McBeal is a smart, pretty woman who followed her high-school boyfriend, Billy Thomas, to Harvard Law school, where he dumped her to pursue his own career, leaving McBeal pining for him. Now, McBeal joins a prominent Boston Law firm, where she is stunned to discover that the true love of her life, Billy, is also on the payroll. There are plenty of emotional issues to deal with and things get complicated when Billy’s wife, Georgia, confronts McBeal. We soon learn that McBeal is an emotional wreck and we are allowed to see all of her fears acted out in peculiar fantasy segments.”