Starbucks Recommended

A review of the stock price cycle of Starbucks’ stocks, including a recommendation to purchase stocks.

This paper provides a brief outline of the market trend of Starbucks’ stock prices. The paper discusses various statistical figures which prove that it is worthwhile to purchase Starbucks’ stocks. The underlying data for the calculations is provided in a comprehensive appendix illustrating a five year trend analysis for the Starbucks’ stock price as per its listing in Nasdaq.
“Starbucks’ stock price has been on a steady bullish trend for five years. It shows a cycle, not unlike others in its segment where stock prices are cyclically low in July and then high in November, reflecting regular seasonal sales trends. It seems as if people drink more coffee in the winter months than during the summer. In addition, even when economic times are difficult, the price of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee is affordable to most.”