Major Historical Influences on Iran

Examines the major historical influences on Iran and its culture.

This paper discusses the major historical influences on Iranian culture that include Persian, Islamic and Western influences. The paper then looks at Iran in the 20th century and how it is reacting to the Westernization of its culture. The paper notes the limited view Americans have of Iran through the narrow vision of sensationalist media.
“As much as the American media would like the public to believe otherwise (ABC Network in particular) the staged demonstrations of the Khomeni years, where crowds of men, women and children chanted “Death to America” is only a small slice of what is one can call Iranian culture. This is not to say that the anti-Western sentiment does not have real roots in justifiable complaints. But if one wants to know why the clergy faction of the Iranian government is leading the “Death to America” chorus, or why the women of Iran are veiled, or why Iranians have clung to a seemingly medieval system of religion and justice then history must be visited. Because the core of what is Iran and Iranian is so deeply rooted in the past that, as history has also taught us, Iran is not a culture that can easily transplanted into a Western modernity, without severe consequences.”