Sparta was a city-state founded by the dorians Sparta was an oligarchy

Sparta was a city-state founded by the dorians Sparta was an oligarchy, which means they had more than one person in charge. First,the army of Sparta was the strongest fighting force in Greece. Beginning at the age of 7, young boys were sent from their families to live in military barracks. They were treated harshly to make them tough so that the army would be fierce fighting force. These soldiers stayed and fought until they were 60 so the army was always ready to go to war. This made sparta one of the safest cities to live in.

I believe that sparta is more superior because they won many wars and had a very strong army. The spartans won the Trojan War, All 3 messenian wars, Persian War, Peloponnesian War, Corinthian War, and the Foreign War. This proves that sparta was more intelligent and more superior.

Sparta is more superior than Athens in many ways. Sparta was more equal, fair, strong and smart. It had more equal roles for women. In Athens, the government was weak, slaves were attacked and raped, and women weren’t even allowed to leave their homes.Sparta is better than Athens because women have rights in Sparta. Sparta also has more military protection. In Sparta, women are land owners, they own more than one third of the land in this city-state.

On the other hand, Athens doesn’t focus on having a strong army. They focus on their education. Society in Athens was centered around the people while Spartan society focused on strengthening the military. Spartans were not allowed to choose what they wanted to do in life. They were expected to either be soldiers if they were male or support soldiers if they were female. Their society produced nothing in art, literature, philosophy, or science, as Athens did.