Delaune and Ladner

Delaune and Ladner (2002 p.191) state that feedback occurs when the sender receives information after the receiver reacts to the message, however Chitty and Black (2007, p.218) define feedback as a response to a message. In this situation, I was the sender who conveyed the message to Mrs R. and Mrs R. was the receiver who agreed to talk about her Total Knee Replacement, and allowed me to assist her.
Reflecting on this event allowed me to explore how communication skills play a key role in nurse and patient relationship in the delivery of patient-focussed care. Whilst I was trying to assist Mrs R. when she was attempting to walk, I realised that she needed time to adapt to the changes in his activities of daily living. I was also considering ways of successful and effective communication to ensure a good nursing outcome. I concluded that it was vital to establish a rapport with Mrs R. to encourage her to participate in the exchange both verbally and non-verbally