Sexism in the Workplace

Examining the negative aspects of sexism in the workplace and steps being taken by businesses to change this trend.

Discusses how companies are now beginning to recognize the adverse effects of workplace sexism and are doing something about it. It shows that because such a negative environment is considered contrary to positive company culture, the new wave in corporate America is to ensure against sexism in the workplace. This paper examines how businesses are becoming more and more interactive in addressing the issue so as not to perpetuate the ill will and discord that have developed over the past several years.
“Sexism in the workplace is an industry ill that has run rampant over the past several decades. Only within this time frame has society come to realize that there is no place for gender prejudice when both men and women are working hard toward the same goals. “Despite regulations that attempt to promote equality within the workplace, discrimination against certain social groups such as women still occurs, with women faring worse than men on most measures of economic equity, including income, unemployment, and occupational distribution” (Trentham et al, 1998, p. 1). In some cases, women have demonstrated considerable more dedication to the job than men, who are often categorized as being lazy and ineffective when compared to their female counterparts. Indeed, there is room for both genders within the workplace, but it will entail establishing an element of respect for the individual, as well as recognition of duty no matter the sex, that will finally allow gender prejudice to be completely eliminated within the workplace.”